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An interactive business solution provider with primary focus towards developing beautiful and userfriendly User Interfaces and an enjoyable User Experience. We are Giga Byte - a team of creative, passionate and hard working professionals integrating our thoughts together to help you stand out from the competition and streamline your business process in order to maximise your customer reach,

potential and profits while minimising your stress and expenses. Giga Byte works day in and day out on developing beautiful, powerful, and user-friendly apps, as well as making sure that the word gets out to users in need of our solutions. Counting clicks and checking every pixel, we at Giga Byte strive to provide only the best possible solutions to complex business quandaries from SME’s to Fortune 500.

Our Services

Why do you need our Services?

In the modern and tech oriented era of today, 93% of the purchase decisions begin with a search engine. An organization that does not have online presence is losing a major part of its business without even knowing it. Customers now want user friendly sellers who can be approached on the go. Not having an online presence can be a drawback that can cost you millions of dollars. Organizations that have an online presence yield much more profit than the ones that are not present online. We, at Giga Byte, help your business make an online presence and pursue the goal of developing your business through various methods of marketing.

What we offer?

Giga Byte offers its valuable clients with solutions of running a business online. From making interesting and meaningful websites and managing your social media to providing you with quality search engine optimization and management tools, we offer the best services that you cannot find anywhere else.

We offer the following Services

 Websites ( Static, Dynamic and Ecommerce)
 Search engine optimization (SEO)
 Social media marketing
 Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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